Why Canvas?


There are numerous benefits to having a canvas mural as opposed to a traditional mural or decals.


1. Canvas murals are much more durable than plastic decals. 

2. Canvas murals can be used over medium textured walls, unlike decals.

3. Creating your mural starts in my home, so I spend minimal time in your home interupting your daily life or business.

4. The murals can be easily installed and removed, so if you are renting an apartment or home, you can take them down.

5. Since they are removeable, if you ever decide to move, you can take the mural with you!

6. You can take them down and save them for other members of your family, or just save them for yourself.  You won't have to go through the trauma of painting over a precious mural when you or your children want a change.


Traditional Murals


If you are in the Orlando area, and are looking for a traditional mural painted directly on your wall, I can do that too.  Just call or send an email to get the ball rolling.


Murals can be painted inside or outside, home or business.


How it all works


The first step in creating your mural is for me to get to know you, your ideas and your theme.  I will send out a questionnaire to better understand your vision.


After I have a good solid understanding of your ideas, I will provide you with a contract for work.  We will agree on a final price, make a deposit and initial work will begin within one to two weeks. 


I will provide 2-3 comps (basis drawings) and receive your approval on one.


Actual painting begins after one of the comps has been selected and approved (in writing or email).


Depending on the complexity of the mural, the finished product should be received within four to 6 weeks (depending on the scope of work).  Some projects may be shorter or may be longer depending on the complexity.



What I won't paint


There are things that I won't paint. Sorry.


I will not paint or copy any characters that have been copyrighted.  Examples: Mickey or Minnie Mouse (or any Disney characters), super heros, cartoon animals, etc.  I won't take credit for other artist's work.



Themes or Elements


There are things that I can help with.  While I won't paint the characters from your favorite show or movie, I can paint the elements to create the space that you want.


For example:  You want an Alice In Wonderland themed room.  I can paint elements from the movie, like the Eat Me, Drink Me bottles, the clock, a version of the Mad Hatters tea party, the flamingos used as clubs, etc.



Other things to think about


Some other questions that I might have for you...


What is the texture of your wall?  Smooth, Flat, "Orange Peel"?  All of these work great for the murals.  Walls made of stucco or with a rugged texture might not work so well.


Do you own or do you rent?  While my murals are removeable, if you remove them too fast or improperly, damage to the wall may occur. I can give you full instructions on installation and removal.  Stroke of Genius Murals and Wendy K Johnson (that's me) are not liable for damage that occurs during or after installation.


I know you might have more questions... please feel free to contact me



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